2019 Voiding the Void / 2017 A Place To Hold You
"Voiding the Void" is an immersive HTC Vive VR installation. It explores subtle spatial and audio realms in VR and their possible interactions with the external audience through sound. This installation enables a sublime experience of the inferiority/exteriority in the artwork and allows a new insight into one's inner world.

Installation is made possible from the grant by the CultureHub NYC as part of Knezevic's Art Residency 2018/19.


CultureHub is an art & technology community founded by SeoulArts & La MaMa. https://www.culturehub.org

Equipment list and Installation floor plan (PDF)
VR installation (Windows executable with data)
If you're interested in trying out this installation, download it and unpack on your PC. Then run voidVR and enjoy. Set up your HTC Vive for a standing mode but feel free to walk and explore the space by walking and with controller. You only need one controller.
Within the installation, there are five different virtual spaces with unique environments consisting of shapes, sounds, and light. To travel between the virtual spaces, you must navigate to the center of the space you are in. Once you reach the center of the symmetrical space, you will automatically pass through to the next room. You can travel within and between the spaces in two ways:
- Physically walk, turn, and look around to experience the space, shapes, and sounds from afar and within.
- Point the handheld controller in a direction you wish to travel, press and release the center button to teleport.
Note: there are multiple buttons on the controller, but you only need to use the large circular button that your thumb will rest on.

COPYRIGHT Ana Knezevic, 2019
3D visualization and VR support by Marija Milovanovic
VR programming Alex Lashxi
Full review by Alexandra Lazar