2017 A Place To Hold You
"A Place To Hold You installation was constructed as a space suspended inside the viewer, technologically projected directly on to our senses. A Place To Hold You was drawn in architectural software 3D Studio Max, developed in Unity VR and actualised through the HTC VIVE VR set. The virtual installation consists of three spaces filled with soft white light dominated by the diagonally positioned geometric objects rendered in a transparent red light. An electronic sinewave sound is also heard in the space, changing its pitch and volume in relation to the participant's movement through space. The observer is supposed to experience the presence of a geometric form defined by light and sound of specific pulsating frequency, with the intention to observe the feeling of disembodied harmonic assimilation with the artwork."

Alexandra Lazar

A Place to Hold you project is supported by the Pollock-Krasner Foundation INC., New York, NY.

COPYRIGHT Ana Knezevic, 2017
3D visualization and VR support by Marija Milovanovic
VR programming Alex Lashxi
Full review by Alexandra Lazar
Equipment list and Installation floor plan (PDF)
VR installation (Windows executable with data)
If you're interested in trying out this installation, download it and unpack on your PC. Then run VR.exe and enjoy.
Set up your HTC Vive for a standing mode but feel free to walk and explore the space by walking and with controllers.