Radio light 487796

RADIO LIGHT 487796 – Cluster: 5 – 10 July 2006 ,
12:00 – 24:00 The Republic Square, Belgrade


For the occasion of 150th anniversary of Nikola Tesla’s birth (10 July 1856), through this Project we are expressing our inspiration by the greatness of Tesla’s mind and the originality of his visionary ideas and scientific accomplishments. A particular inspiration in creating the concept of this Project, we found in Tesla’s approach to enhancing the humankind, by which he unifies science, technology, spirituality, humanism, arts. The title of the Project came up having in mind that Tesla is the creator of radio transmission, ideas on the importance of light and especially the vision of the system of electrical transmission of power. The Project’s title at the same time is a reminiscing of the modern name of a radio station, which, according to our idea announces its program to the audience.

The concept of the Project is meant to accomplish three objectives:

1) To introduce the multidimensionality of Tesla’s personality and scientific creations to the ones being interested in by a multimedia artistic – scientific and educational event. This approach is going to be realized by an artwork that unifies visual art, light installation, music, choreographic scores, science and wireless information technologies. By a powerful visual and spatial synthesis of light, sound, words, motion and visualized mathematical functions, we want to provoke the intuitional feeling of connection between arts, technology and spirituality, which, in their saturation are the starting points of Tesla’s visionary thought.
ng to our idea announces its program to the audience.

2) To enable the participation and to introduce those who are interested to the contemporary scientific and technological accomplishments based on Tesla’s original ideas and visions. The demonstrators, trained for this occasion, will provide the citizens direct participation in creating mathematical functions that have an artistic potential and will be displayed on a large LED screen and therefore become visible to wide audience. That will make the audience a part of an artistic – scientific event.

3) To present a technological and scientific accomplishment inspired by Tesla’s ideas. This is being presented for the first time in honor of Tesla’s anniversary, as a proof that his visions are contemporary both now and in the future. For that purpose, we are going to present a special operative system GNU/Linux Flashmobber based on the idea of Patrick Miller (University of San Francisco) that wirelessly unifies a number of computers into a supercomputer capable of very complicated scientific operations so that the air becomes a medium of computing activity. project team: Milena Stojićević - project manager; Gordana Lebović – project author; Vedran Vučić – cluster, visualization, music assistant ; Ana Knežević – concept and idea of the construction/spatial frames lighting design and light-sound installation of the central box;Igor Vasiljev – visual identity (author of graphic and video material) ; Janoš Buš – performance author, choreographer and actor …