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Ana Knezevic

Curriculum Vitae

born on January 13th 1976 in Belgrade,
graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts -
University of Belgrade.
MFA Faculty of Fine Arts - University of Belgrade.
From Fall 2003 MFA student at Massachusetts
College of Art, Boston. Member of ULUS from 2003

2006 author of concept and idea for the construction/spatial frames and lighting design of the ‘Radio Light 487796 – Cluster‘ on the Republic square, Belgrade (project realized on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Nikola Tesla’s birth).

2007 Awarded 2nd prize on the competition organized by city assembly / secretary of culture in Belgrade for the concept and idea for
’The Days of Belgrade’.

2009 author of Light/sound/video installation
“The Messenger of Light” together with Anica Vucetic realized for the occasion of 153rd anniversary of Nikola Tesla’s birth at the 25th Universiade, Belgrade, commissioned by Nikola Tesla Museum, Belgrade

2009 Second award winner for drawing from Vladimir Velickovic foundation for 2009.

2012 CEC ArtsLink Award

Personal exhibitions

2015 Spaces of Excessivity, Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade, Serbia
2015 Inner Tuning, DKSG Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
2015 White Balance, Kontakt SKC Gallery, Kragujevac, Serbia
2013 White Balance, Gallery "U podrumu", Belgrade, Serbia
2013 White Balance, Gallery 73, Belgrade, Serbia
2012 The Love Synapse, Gallery Third Belgrade, Serbia
2011 Light on Void, DKSG Gallery , Belgrade, Serbia
2011 Inner Symmetry, ITS-Z1 -International test site , Ritopek, Serbia
2011 From the Limbic Depths, DOB Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
2010 Raison d’être, Gallery Chaos, Belgrade
2009 Infra-Thin, Science festival, ENS,Paris,France
2009 Lines of Desire, Nadezda Petrovic gallery, Cacak, Serbia
2007 Sound of light , Belgrade Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
2005 Sounded void, Planetarium, Belgrade (BELEF 2005)
2003 Sounded vision, Patricia Doran gallery, Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, USA
2002 ®evolution, Gallery of the Institute for Research of the Cultural Development , Belgrade
2000 forgame, Gallery of the Students Cultural Center, Belgrade
Selected group exhibitions

2013 Salon des Réalités Nouvelles, Parc Floral de Paris, Paris, France
2013 New Serbian Abstraction, RTS Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
2013 Art Salon/Wiener Stadtische collection of Contemporary Art, Gallery of Contemporary Art, Nis, Serbia
2012 Art Salon/Wiener Stadtische collection of Contemporary Art, Progres Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
2012 Soundscape, Gallery 73, Belgrade, Serbia
2011 Sculpture, object or where is the boundary, Art Pavilion Cvijeta Zuzoric, Belgrade, Serbia
2010 Autumn Salon, Pavilion Cvijeta Zuzoric, Belgrade, Serbia
2010 Exhibition of the New Belgrade artists, Gallery of the National Museum, Valjevo, Serbia
2009 Fascinating Geometry, MKM/Magacin in Kraljevica Marka, Belgrade
2006 Switch, Hadik Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2005 46. October Art Saloon, Legacy house, Belgrade
2005 Crossways, Rafael Mihailov Gallery ,Veliko Trnovo, Bulgaria
2005 Crossways, Gallery "Nikola Petrov" Vidin, Bulgaria
2005 Madl'art, Art pavilion Cvijeta Zuzoric, Belgrade
2003 Salon d'automne, ULUS Gallery, Belgrade
2003 Drawings, Patricia Doran Gallery, MassArt, Boston, USA
2003 ID N' DI , Gallery of the Students Cultural Center, Belgrade


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